Assistant Project Manager, Temi shares her sense of belonging on the Albion team

In celebration of Construction Inclusion Week, we have asked our team about their experiences with inclusion within our organization. We met with Assistant Project Manager, Temi Aladegbemi to learn more about her sense of belonging as she navigated from a project management intern to a full-time Albion employee – all before her college graduation!

Temi pictured with Albion Project Executive, Jason Strane and Project Manager Jennifer De La Rosa
at the KSU Construction Management Gala in 2023

“As a young woman entering this industry, feeling a sense of belonging within the construction field was at the forefront of my mind coming in. I wanted to ensure that wherever I decided to begin my career, I would be able to have equal opportunity within an organization that was invested in my growth and development not only as a young professional, but also as an individual, says Temi. Starting off as an intern at Albion in 2021, I had little to no experience and was a little nerve-wracking for me at first. Looking back, not one question I ever asked went unanswered. I have never felt invaluable in this space, and the learning opportunities were and continue to be endless!

Temi has joined fellow Assistant Project Manager, Savannah Newsome at several Career Fairs at surrounding university campuses

“Albion has fostered a culture where any personality and background is not only welcomed but encouraged to be themselves, which just adds to the rich culture of the company and forges the path of success in whatever position someone may find themselves. Now, two years later, they have seen my potential and I’m more confident than I’ve ever been to be in this space! My story is just beginning, and I’m looking forward to the future!”

Temi contributed a helping hand along other Albion team members this August for a Habitat-for-Humanity build

Temi has assisted with several project with our team! She works closely with the Project Management team to support many administrative tasks to assist the overall progression of our ongoing projects. In addition, she manages a couple of projects on her own; primarily on some of our state colleges and university campuses.

She will graduate from Kennesaw State University in December 2023.


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