Three Reasons You Will Love Working With Our People

Your next project isn’t really about the building. It’s about the people you get to work with to build it. You see them nearly every day over the course of the project, and you count on them for their expertise. You are trusting them to deliver the job on time, within budget, and to a quality standard you would be proud to show off.

At Albion, our people have built a reputation for both honesty and humility. We are industry experts with the knowledge to make you feel secure and confident in the outcome of the project.

Our Leadership Team

Kim Newsome

Chief Financial Officer

With her winning attitude, fierce work ethic and unrelenting passion for work and family, Kim brings the complete package to executive leadership at Albion. She plays the key role in our firm’s success by managing all of the financial aspects of the business. She also coordinates and manages all of the banking, sub-contractor and supplier contractual relationships in addition to leading human resources and payroll functions. She wears multiple hats and wears them well.

Brian Newsome

Chief Executive Officer

Brian is the ultimate point person at Albion. He’s personally involved in every project – from project pricing, budgeting and scheduling to cost management and strategic planning. After 25 years in the business, Brian is well-versed in the ins and outs of construction management, but it’s not just the industry knowledge, it’s the way he builds relationships with clients – making them lifelong Albion fans. Brian is a great listener, and his willingness to understand clients and act on their needs is the bedrock of the Albion client promise: achieve total customer satisfaction.

D.J. Schell


D.J. Schell is a great asset to any project team. The first thing you will notice is his calm confidence. D.J. has over 30 years of experience in project management and will ensure quality and adherence with building standards. He is extremely easy to work with, combined with his vast construction knowledge adds a composed yet professional assurance to our team. D.J. oversees all operations on all of the projects from start to finish.

Jason Strane

Project Executive

Jason Strane is a successful project executive and brings a positive attitude in everything he does. He is cool under pressure and pays a special attention to detail. Jason has a clear understanding of the process, together with strong communication skills makes it easy to navigate each project from start to finish. Jason is committed to making each project a success! He makes it his priority to deliver assignments on time and to Albion’s high standards.

Laura J. Garrett

Director of Business Development

Laura Garrett has what it takes to be a consummate Director of Business Development. She understands people, asks all the right questions, is inherently curious, sets realistic goals and thrives at establishing and nurturing relationships. In addition to managing our sales operations, Laura creates the firm’s marketing and partnerships with our construction industry peers, clients and the business community. She also supports the executive vice president and project team members. In other words, while we are constructing great buildings, Laura is busy building a great brand.

Todd Muraski

Director of Strategic Accounts

Todd Muraski is obsessed with bringing his clients’ vision to life. He has a total focus on having every project completed on time and on budget. Maybe it’s the ‘seasoned vet’ in him that makes his projects so successful. After 27+ years of managing multiple types of projects that range in everything from price to method, his ultimate measure of success is his clients’ satisfaction. Todd is driven to do good work, and the time and commitment he has put into Albion over the years is a direct reflection of the service-first attitude he possesses.

Jamie Peed

General Superintendent

Jamie is an outstanding General Superintendent with over 20 years of large commercial experience. Our clients enjoy the benefit of working with Jamie and like his easy-going approach to problem-solving. He consistently develops a strong working relationship with all the subcontractors on the project, creating a harmonious working environment that ensures a successful project. He is always willing to pitch in to help make things happen.

Bob Kovacs

Director of Preconstruction

Bob brings over a decade of project management experience and two decades of preconstruction experience to every project he’s involved in. This combination allows Bob to understand what will be required to execute successfully in the field even before preliminary budgets are developed. This helps to achieve what Bob refers to as the “no surprises” approach to shepherding a project through the design phase, ensuring that his clients are always aware of where the project stands regarding cost and schedule as the design evolves. In over 30 years in varied market sectors, there isn’t much that Bob hasn’t encountered, and this experience- combined with his dedication to making every project successful for all parties- makes him a vital asset to the projects he works on.