Albion Kicks Off Two Projects in Milledgeville, Georgia

Albion is thrilled to announce the kick-off of two projects in Milledgeville, Georgia: The Georgia Department of Veterans Services Campus Infrastructure Renovation and the Georgia Department of Corrections Kosher Packaged Meal Production Kitchen. The projects are just south of downtown Milledgeville and are only two miles from each other!

Albion, along with the design firm 2KM Architects, was selected as the firm to provide construction services to The Georgia Department of Veterans Services for the Campus Infrastructure Renovation. The existing Georgia War Veterans Home is a retirement campus that houses 375-beds and is licensed and certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide skilled nursing care to aged Georgia War Veterans. The goal of the Campus Infrastructure renovation is to improve the facility serving the Georgia War Veterans allowing it to operate more efficiently by installing new interior doors, new mechanical equipment, new roofing and by adding new fire protection upgrades.

Two miles down the road, we have the Georgia Department of Corrections’ Kosher Packaged Meal Production Kitchen that we’re enthusiastic to be working on with K A Oldham Design, Inc.. Currently, the Georgia Department of Corrections is buying kosher meals from a third party. Albion will be taking the existing space in the Georgia Department of Correction’s food distribution warehouse and expanding and upgrading it into a commercial kitchen. When completed, the Kosher Packaged Meal Production Kitchen will be used to prepare packaged kosher meals for inmates who require them bringing the service in house.

We look forward to sharing updates of both of these exciting projects!

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