Albion is Staying Busy on the Kennesaw State University Campus!

Albion has been busy on the Kennesaw State University Campus! We have recently completed and are currently working on multiple projects at KSU – read a little bit more about these below:

Kennesaw State logo unveiling on the campus green on the Kennesaw Campus Friday February 7, 2020, in Kennesaw, Ga. Jason Getz / Kennesaw State University

KSU Sports Track Phase 1

Description: Drainage Repairs to an existing trench drain, repairs to existing concrete retaining wall, regrading, and installation of additional storm sewer infrastructure to control offsite runoff at the existing Sports Park Track at KSU.

Where are we? Started site demolition. Removed existing fence and, trees.

Estimated Completion Date: 09.06.2021

KSU University Rooms

Description: Upgrade existing aesthetics of KSU CSC University Rooms: installation of new ceiling design upgrade and installation of new lighting design, installation of new theatrical lighting, re-furnishing existing operable partitions, provide sound partitions above operable walls to extend to deck, installation of sound damper in existing mechanical and, coordination of recent AV upgrade.

Where are we? Architectural Punch Walk scheduled for tomorrow 08.06.2021. Outstanding work: Installation of Theatrical Lights and Light Controls.

Estimated Completion Date: 08.06.2021

KSU Waterproofing

Description: Install new expansion joints and, apply new sealant and traffic coating on bridge by KSU Carmichael Student Center.Clean, patch and repair existing CMU and Concrete Surfaces to apply new sealant and high performance water repellent coating. Repair EIFS and reseal building to bridge joints. Extend downspouts to holes core in precast deck to drain on grade below.

Where are we? Applying new liquid membrane on Expansion Joints, applying final coat of traffic coating on bridge over the weekend.

Estimated Completion Date: 08.26.2021

KSU Stillwell

Description: Interior Renovation of the existing Wilson Bldg. Stillwell Theater that consisted of covering existing CMU walls with gypsum board with a textured finish, painting, new rolled carpet, installing new handrails, 3-Form Panels Privacy Screens, built-in new sound booth.  

Where are we? Project completed.

Completion Date: 01.14.2021

KSU Bursar

Description: Project encompassed three areas within Kennesaw Hall. Area 1  – Reconfiguration of existing office suite to meet the needs of the new Bursar Teller Office. Area 2 – Addition of a Double service desk and lighting above in the main Rotunda. Area 3 – Subdivision of an existing office suite to provide additional office space for the Bursar.

Where are we? Project completed.

Completion Date: 01.11.2021

KSU Compactor Enclosure

Description: Construction of a new dumpster and compactor enclosure for KSU University Village, provide new reinforced concrete retaining walls, heavy-duty concrete pad for dumpster and trash compactor, extruded aluminum metal canopy, water connection for hose bib and site walkways.  

Where are we? Project completed.

Completion Date: 04.20.2021

Albion values our relationship with Kennesaw State University and we are excited to see what the future holds on their campuses. Go Owls!

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