Albion Hard at Work in Clayton County

Albion is currently managing two new construction projects in Clayton County. The two job sites are actually less than a mile from each other.

Clayton County NW Branch Library

The Clayton County Library System has six libraries located in the county and a total of 2,992 library programs and over half a million books. Albion is building the seventh library for the county: the N.W. Branch Library.

The new, 20,000+ sq ft library offers Clayton County residents the opportunity to enrich their lives by offering them the best source of books, media, and more. The new library will include enclosed and individual rooms along with meeting rooms designed for 40+ people. Creative activities will be included in areas known as ‘Maker’s Spaces.’ Additionally, the furniture, fixtures, and equipment will be mobile and user friendly with charging stations for electronic devices. The design was done by the firm Gardner Spencer Smith Trench Jarbeau, P.C.¬†We are excited to bring their vision to life.

Clayton County Police Precinct

According to this document, Clayton County has four police precincts. Per Clayton County SPLOST: A new police precinct will be constructed in Riverdale to replace the existing facility.

The building is one level and will include offices, training rooms, and a few holding cells. It is 7,800 square feet and its anticipated opening is January 2020. The design firm is Pond & Company.

For more information, see this news release.

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