TCSG Rolls Out Mobile Welding Labs

An April 10 blog post on the Georgia Trend Blog highlighted the mobile welding labs rolled out by the Technical College System of Georgia. The post mentions Georgia’s ‘critical welder shortage’ as a catalyst for the innovative education environment.

The Technical College System of Georgia, or TCSG, introduced four mobile welding labs with the goal of enabling ‘local colleges to better address industry needs and meet the demand for more workers.’

Inside each lab are six high-tech welding booths, virtual welders, and other instructional resources for training. The four mobile labs will be shared among the 22 colleges that make up the Technical College System of Georgia.

This effort is a response to short-term training needs of businesses and industries throughout the state. Per the article, ‘use of the mobile welding labs will increase the colleges’ ability to customize programs with flexible schedules that meet specific industry criteria.’

Albion, in partnership with architectural firm Clark Patterson Lee, was selected as the Design-Build firm for the renovation of Columbus Technical College’s world-class welding lab. Albion was responsible for a scope of work that included a full renovation of a classroom that was originally built in the 1960s, renovations to the facility’s flooring, walls, ceiling, electrical system, lighting, pneumatics, HVAC and more. We also removed existing welding booths and installed 36 new welding booths.

The project was an all-around success, placing first in the 2017 AGC Build Georgia Awards and earning high accolades from the university and its supporters.

We are pleased to hear the program is continuing to grow and serving to be an innovative experience for many of TCSG’s students.

Learn more about TCSG’s workforce training programs in “Geared for Great Careers,” in this month’s Georgia Trend.

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