Academic Core Renovation at Clayton State Underway

Albion was awarded the role of General Contractor for the Academic Core Renovation (Phase II) project at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia. Our team is hard at work on the renovations and mechanical upgrades to six buildings on campus. These buildings include the Arts and Sciences Building, the Lecture Hall, Magnolia Hall, the Library, the University Center, and the Athletic Center.

The goal of the renovations of the Arts and Sciences Building is primarily for the improvement of the Theater program. Upgrades and improvements include new seating, new flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, the expansion of the state, construction of a catwalk, improving the air distribution, and replacing light fixtures. A number of support facilities will also benefit such as the lobby, costume shop, dressing area, and entrances. There will be upgrades to the Wi-Fi in addition to the replacement of the building elevator to meet ADA requirements.

The Lecture Hall renovations will include the replacement of the existing mechanical system, introduction to tempered makeup air, digital controls, replacement of lighting, upgrade of ceiling tiles and acoustic ceiling insulation. New restrooms and upgraded building entrance are also part of the scope. Additionally, there will be a student lounge, network and Wi-Fi upgrades, and an installation of a chemistry demonstration table with gas and water.

Magnolia Hall and the Library have a few renovations including replacing the existing pneumatic control system in the library. The University Center will have an additional six roof ladders to provide permanent access at each roof level. The renovations at the Athletic Center include renovations to the locker rooms and the development of support facilities, including: training room, classrooms, visiting team changing rooms, and a concession stand. The lobby will also be updated.

We look forward to staying busy on Clayton State’s campus over the next several months and will share updates as we go!

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