Albion Busy on West Georgia Campus

Albion recently completed a number of projects on the University of West Georgia campus in Carrollton, Georgia. Recent projects included updates to the eCore campus at the Murphy Building, office renovations at Pafford Hall, restroom updates at the Townsend Center for Performing Arts, and renovations on the second floor of the Murphy Building.

The scope for the third floor of the Murphy Building included finishes such as new paint, flooring, new mechanical systems, an updated break room, and a Nana wall. The third floor houses the ‘e-campus’ for the state of Georgia’s eCore program. eCore is the University System of Georgia’s Online Core Curriculum.  Per eCore’s website, “Affiliate institutions collaborate to offer general education courses to their students in an online setting. Course credits earned through eCore are awarded by the student’s affiliate home institution, and are transferable within the USG as well as to other regionally accredited institutions.” This work was completed as part of the task order we currently hold with the University of West Georgia.

Another task order project was re-configuring office space and installing new MEP systems at Pafford Hall. Additionally, we renovated the restrooms at the Townsend Performing Arts Center. Getting the restrooms up to ADA compliance was the main goal of this task order project.

Finally, the renovations to the second floor of the Murphy Building were finished at the end of 2017. This project’s delivery method was select-bid. Albion completed a full interior renovation. This floor also became a sort of overflow area for the eCore campus.

The University of West Georgia is a valued client of ours, and we look forward to staying busy on their campus for the years to come.


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