Albion Attends YLP Kick-Off Event & Build Expo

Albion’s Business Development Manager, Laura Garrett, is often on the go. She attends many conferences, expos, and is a member of various industry groups and organizations in the Atlanta area. Most recently, Laura attended the AGC Young Leadership Program (YLP) Kick-Off Event and the Atlanta Build Expo.

Laura has been a member of the AGC’s YLP for over two years. The YLP is one of the most valuable services offered by the AGC.  Their program is an opportunity for a firm’s younger professionals to be involved in an organization that helps to developer leadership skills and techniques. The YLP is also a chance for young professionals to meet other young professionals and begin developing industry relationships.

In addition to fun outings and educational events such as free professional development round table forums, the members of the YLP are also very active in the community. Members are often the ones leading major fundraising and charitable initiatives either for the group or their respective firms.

To start the 2018-2019 year, members of the YLP attended the Braves game at SunTrust Park on July 10. The networking event was a great opportunity to meet with fellow members and cheer on the Braves. The Braves played the Toronto Blue Jays, and the YLP sold out their allotted tickets!

The Atlanta Build Expo was a two day event held at the World Congress Center on July 11 and July 12. Per their website, “Build Expo provides the building and construction industry an unrivaled environment to meet a lot of your buyers all in one place. By attending, you have the change to meet with exhibitors, check out new development, and keep a close eye on your competition.” The Expo offered educational classes, keynote speakers, and a large trade show.

Laura used the opportunity to take full advantage of the sales education courses and sales-focused speakers.

“I took away some valuable information in terms of selling in our industry. There were good reminders like finding your point of separation from your competition and continuing to build your network,” Laura said.



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