The Impact of COVID-19 on Construction in Georgia

We have found ourselves in an unprecedented time filled with fear, anxiety, and lots of unknown. While we continue to navigate these unchartered waters, we here at Albion would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those serving at the front lines and all essential workers.

During this time, while much of the state of Georgia is in ‘lockdown’ mode, our industry is ‘business as usual.’  In a Curbed Atlanta article that addresses construction as essential, the author cites Atlanta’s Department of City Planning commissioner Tim Keane. In an email last, Mr. Keane wrote:

“In the City of Atlanta, construction is one of the essential businesses exempt from the Mayor’s ‘Stay at Home’ Executive Order of March 23, 2020,” he wrote. “Therefore, construction within the corporate city limits may continue.”

While permitting and inspections have been delayed at the planning department, the city of Atlanta is now accepting private, third-party inspections of projects but must be reviewed and agreed upon by city officials.

Thus, the team at Albion is as busy as ever continuing to work on our various projects. With new safety guidelines in place and consistent education and briefings about the latest news surrounding COVID-19, we will continue to work at our clients’ requests. We are grateful for this opportunity during this unparalleled time.

Another Curbed Atlanta article, posted yesterday,  states a ‘silver lining’ of sorts. Georgia has the ‘least exposed’ economy in the country in terms of the impact of the current pandemic. From the article:

As relayed on these pages in recent days, Atlanta’s approach to dealing with the novel coronavirus outbreak has differed from some cities, in that new construction has not been ordered to shut down, the Beltline and city parks remain open (although with sterner social distancing campaigns), and residential real estate transactions have hardly been obliterated, as observers point out.”

The personal finance website WalletHub did an analysis after the government’s $2 trillion stimulus package was passed. They compared all 50 states in addition to the District of Columbia. By their analysis, they determined that Georgia is  “less exposed to ill-effects from the coronavirus than any other state because it has one of the smallest shares of employment from small businesses [and] the second lowest unemployment increase so far,” WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez wrote in a press release. “Major events like the Masters being postponed will definitely hurt areas of the state such as Augusta, but Georgia is in better shape than other states overall.”

While we are incredibly grateful for this news, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the impact of this pandemic on our state. Our hearts are with the +4000 individuals and families in Georgia that have fought this vicious disease. We will continue to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers, and we will continue to strive for safe working environments while continuing this essential work.

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