Albion Team Driven to Do Good Work for West Georgia

Over the last year, the Albion had team has been completing a multi-phased project at the University of West Georgia known as the Murphy Building Renovations.

The renovations of the Murphy Building at the University of West Georgia was a unique project as it was more like four smaller projects under one roof. This multi-phased, construction management at-risk project had its share of highs and lows especially in terms of managing an evolving schedule and an occupied, busy building on a bustling college campus. One major challenge of the project was the mechanical system upgrades on the second floor.

The Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF) that was chosen for the second floor was not compatible with the type of controls that the university was going to use. Two and a half months of the project schedule was lost due to the process of combining these two features. However, Albion and the team made up for this time loss.

Being the campus’ advocate and bringing their vision to life was our team’s only goal. Whatever it took to meet all parties in the middle was what was done.

The blending of the Mitsubishi VRF system and the control panel chosen by the university was extremely innovative as it’s the only combination of its kind that exists currently.

In addition to the combining of those systems, there was a ‘NanaWall’ installed on the third floor of the building. A NanaWall, or a folding glass wall, are bi-fold door panels offering hundreds of fold-and-stack configurations with inward or outward openings. They are a unique system that offers a diverse set of customized installations and configurations.

While challenging, this technology had never been done before like this. It was extremely innovative and would not have happened without the insight from our project team combined with the coordination to bring experts in from across the country. Combined with the Nano wall on the third floor, this building turned out to be more than just a standard university office building.

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