Albion Renovates Student Center at Queens University

Albion recently completed renovations on the Student Center at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The summer project covered 10,859 square feet of renovations in the university’s central hub for students: Trexler Student Center. The enhancement consisted of an overhaul of the food court area. The new dining experience includes four new “micro-restaurants,’ specialty chefs, and expanded seating areas. The four micro-restaurants included Royal Bistro, Mecklenburger, QC Pizzeria, and The Market.

The dining center renovation boasts bold colors and stunning fixtures. There is plenty of seating for students to drop in for a bite to eat for lunch or stay and study in between classes. The space features the latest design trends, tall windows, and lots of natural light.

We were honored to be Compass’s chosen contractor for these dining center renovations at Queens University. It was an aggressive timeline, but we are thrilled with the outcome.

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