Albion Finishing Up HVAC Replacement at Troup County DHS

Albion is completing a project known as the ‘Troup County Human Services Building HVAC Replacement’ in LaGrange, Georgia. The project, owned by the Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission, required the replacement of the existing HVAC and providing new concrete pads. Albion worked days, nights, and weekends to meet the needs of both GSIFC and the Troup County DHS.

While the goal of the project was always to remove the existing unit, until that happened, the building was hoping to continue to rely on the existing unit. However, midway through the project, the existing unit died. We had to bring in a temporary AC unit because this project was occurring during some of Georgia’s hottest months (followed by chilly months!).

To install the new system, we had to remove sections of the roof – ultimately deconstructing it. When it came time to do this, our team worked nights and weekends so as not to disrupt the employees. We replaced sections of existing duct work and all thermal units.

The building now has a new roof in addition to a whole new automated control system. Our team was extremely creative in their attempt to work around the employees and the building set up. This project was managed with excellent ingenuity, attention to detail, and dedication.

The Albion team assigned to this project was a very high caliber combination of Albion talent.  This team went above and beyond for the owner. From coordinating the temporary chiller to the ingenuity required to deconstruct the roof and install new units, our team was imperative in making sure this project went off without a hitch. 

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